Business FTTB
If you have a small business or a start-up and need reliable internet, look no further than Business FTTB broadband to provide you an affordable solution.
SMEs, home-based businesses, Hotels, Restaurants and start-ups require internet connectivity that is more efficient and reliable than retail broadband, to run their business and serve customers. Business FTTB broadband offers this A-grade connectivity while at the same time being cost-effective when compared to an Internet Leased Line.
Your business gets quality of service (QoS) backed by more than Connected 1000+ km of fibre optic 10 Gbps network in North Goa. With symmetrical speeds for uploads and downloads and unlimited data usage in a high-value subscription package, it is ideal for businesses with multi Usage.
Business FTTB broadband allows for efficient two-way communication to power VoIP telephony, web conferences, uploading, downloading and sharing of large files, cloud computing and working on a host of web-based applications.
Symmetrical Bandwidth
Symmetrical Bandwidth


Unlimited Data | no capping on usage
Unlimited Data

no capping on usage

24x7 Support
24x7 Support

by app / online or call 1800 266 8060

Speed upto 1Gbps | network port 99.9% uptime
Speed upto 1Gbps

network port 99.9% uptime

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